Due Diligence Survey Specialist in Singapore 

We provide independent property due diligence survey service in Singapore for local and international property buyers. A technical due diligence survey is A VERY IMPORTANT PRACTICE BEFORE ANY PROPERTY PURCHASE, e.g. commercial or office buildings, factories or warehouses, hotels or resorts, universities/ colleges or schools, medical centres, shopping malls, etc.

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A Due Diligence Survey is a safest choice to safeguard your property investment within Singapore or outside Singapore, e.g. Southeast Asia countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. and the cities in United Arab Emirates UAE, including Qatar.

Technical Due Diligence Survey service in Singapore

WHAT IS a Due Diligence Survey?

  • A technical due diligence survey is a key risk management tool for property acquisition and property investment in Singapore, Southeast Asia and UAE cities.
  • A comprehensive appraisal of a building to be carried out prior to any property purchase to have a clear understanding of the bbuilding and structures, M&E operating systems, fabrics and components, finishes, services and safety requirements.

WHO NEEDS a Due Diligence Survey?
Who requires the due diligence survey service (within or outside Singapore):

  • REITs - Real Estate Investment Trusts.
  • Corporations/ developers/ investors.
  • Government bodies.

WHEN YOU NEED a Due Diligence Survey?

  • Prior to property acquisition, within or outside Singapore.

HOW WE DO a Due Diligence Survey?
Procedures to do a technical due diligence survey.

  • Desktop study of all available documents and drawings of a building.
  • Comprehensive visual inspection and photographic documentation of architectural, structural and mechanical & electrical elements within the building.
  • Interpretation and analysis of the building defects observed to formulate recommendations for remedial actions, monitoring and or immediate risks posed to the building and its occupants/ users.
  • General costing in tandem with immediate, medium and long term measures to be taken to address the observed defects to bring up the building to its optimum function and use.

WHY YOU MUST HAVE a Due Diligence Survey?

  • Better decision making for better bargaining power on the price negotiation and thus creating better value in return.
  • Provides general recommendations and costing for remedial actions in order to minimise potential financial loss to the property investor.
  • To reveal/ uncover the hidden problems in buildings which do not appear in valuation report.
  • Provides a database of building defects to be addressed in order to properly manage the property after the property acquisition. In many cases, the mechanical and electrical services present a bigger maintenance costs than the building fabrics.

"We strongly recommend that you obtain a professional building due diligence survey report prior to your purchase. Some defects or faults of the property will be important or costly to repair." 

Technical Due Diligence Survey Service for Investors in purchasing commercial or office buildings, factories or warehouses, hotels or resorts, universities/ colleges or schools, medical centres, shopping malls, etc, within and outside Singapore.

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